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Josceline's · Bower

Witnessing History, Part II

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We hit the Capitol Square again yesterday. No tea party rally, and a bigger total crowd, even with the cold, snowy weather.  We sang "Blowin' in the Wind" along with Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary).  It brought back memories of elementary school music class -- Miss Schulte was a big PPM fan, and we sang all of their hits (yes, I know that Bob Dylan wrote "Blowin' in the Wind" but PPM had a hit with their cover of the song).

After that, the firefighters marched out from the Capitol, led by their bagpipes. We were standing on the terrace above the stage, so we had a front row view of the procession and got to shake hands with the firefighters.  Then the crowd sang the national anthem.  It was very moving, and I took off my hat (although most didn't, due to the cold and snow). Here is someone else's video of that moment:

There were an interesting collection of unions present yesterday. In addition to the blue-collar and public sector unions, we saw the Screen Actors Guild represented, as well as some airline pilots.
There were solidarity rallies organized by MoveOn in a number of cities around the country.  A good overview can be seen on this blog:

I got a kick out of this sign, from a Packers stockholder. The Packers flag is fluttering in the wind, so you can't see it very well.
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