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Josceline's · Bower

Witnessing History

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Yesterday, I went to the Capitol Square a little before Noon to show solidarity with the unions and see what kind of competing "rally" the pro-Walker folks managed to put together. They had their own little Tea Party reservation on the lawn by the King Street entrance. There were speakers with microphones, but the union marchers making the circuit mostly drowned them out. It was all very peaceful. There was some shouting of slogans, but very little direct debate. Some right-wingers with signs (some quite over the top) walked among the union people and were mostly ignored.

I caught up with several friends, including arebekah , reardp  and ladycianna , and we made several circuits, enjoying the clever signs and costumes (there was a Sarah Palin impersonator, a "People's Champ" with a wrestling belt, and a guy in a grass skirt made of candy necklaces). Eventually, we went for a late lunch at the Come Back Inn (the restaurants that were closer to the square were swamped).

After lunch, some of us headed back to the square, where the President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council was speaking. I decided it was a good time to redeem my car from the parking ramp and head home.

It was a very powerful experience. Also, I learned that it is possible to get a sunburn in Wisconsin in February.
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